Roofing: SHAKES


JRC has an accomplished team of estimators, superintendents, and installers to handle your commercial roofing projects. We have experience installing many types of systems, as well as fabricating and installing custom and pre-manufactured sheet metal. Hiring a certified installer like us means you receive the quality expected with warranties to back the claim.

Benefits of Cedar Shakes in Commercial Properties

JRC can install your steep slope roofing system:
  1. Strong Form: As a straight and consistent timber, cedar holds its shape through extreme changes in weather. Due to cedar’s low density, they’re not prone to shrinkage or warping, even after years of exposure to rain, wind and sun.
  2. Temperature Resistant: With its resistance to moisture, sun rays and insects, cedar is one of the most element-proof of all woods. Cedar can also withstand a vast range of weather conditions, including blizzards and wind storms. Compared to most other types of roofing, cedar shingles are largely resistant to moss growth, fungus growth and fire.
  3. Fine Texture: Due to the straight grains and uniform texture of the timber, commercial properties can further customize their roof system by selecting a vast range of finishes, such as oils and coatings.
  4. Long Lasting: Cedar is known as one of the toughest natural material for roofing. Cedar roof that are well-maintained or situated in more hospitable environments can last up to 20+ years.
  5. Insulation: Cedar provides insulating qualities of cedar that make it one of the most ideal materials for commercial properties in climates with hot summers and cold winters. Business may notice increased energy efficiency and savings with this unique roof system.
  6. Timeless Beauty: Cedar is a visually appealing timber that has lasted the ages — from pre-settlement times when cedar was used to make canoes, to the modern cedar-based architecture of the past 50 years. The versatility of cedar provides commercial properties a wide range of designs for all types of businesses from multi-family to senior living. As the wood ages, it takes on a silvery–gray tone, which enhances its charm and appeal.
  7. Environmentally Sound: In addition to its strength, beauty and insulation qualities, cedar is an considered an eco-friendly product. The manufacturing of cedar is an easy process that involves little energy consumption, because the trees from which the wood is sourced are grown in natural woodlands. Consisting solely of an organic material, cedar shingles naturally decompose once left out to pasture. As such, there's no hazardous chemicals involved in the production or scrapping of cedar.