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1) Membrane Issues

Blisters and loss of granules can plague flat roofs and expose the roof to leaks, while holes and punctures provide a path for water to enter your building. Examine the roof for signs of any of these problems – if weathering has degraded the roof surface, it’s better to know now than later, when melting snow starts leaking into your facility.


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2) Blocked Drains

Fall leaves and other debris can clog the drain on your roof, creating areas of standing water that can pose a problem for your roof. Keep drains free of blockages.

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3) Shingle Degradation

If you have a sloped roof with shingles, check the shingles regularly to see if they’re warped or even missing. Asphalt shingles may lose granules, indicating a need for replacement, while tiles and slates may be chipped, cracked or broken. Check wood shingles for moss, mold and mildew. Metal roofs are vulnerable to corrosion.

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4) Flashings and Penetrations

Any area that requires a break in the roof’s membrane, such as pitch pockets, skylights and vent pipes, presents an opportunity for leaks to develop, so be sure to check every possibility.

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5) The Interior

No roof inspection is complete without a review of ceilings and interior walls for signs of leaks and staining.


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