When Category 4 Hurricane Florence hit the coast of North Carolina with winds up to 140 mph, experts in the commercial roofing industry knew it was going to cause crippling damage to the businesses in and around the surrounding areas.

With estimated economic costs ranging from $38 Billion to $50 Billion, commercial properties suffer substantial loss of income in the aftermath of hurricanes, whether due to damage rendering them uninhabitable or loss of people or infrastructure in the area to support those businesses.

As a leading commercial roofing company for over 25 years, JRC know the importance of choosing a top quality commercial roofing contractor to restore your business. At JRC, we have the capacity to respond efficiently to commercial and industrial large loss facility claims that arise as a result of natural disasters like Hurricane Florence. That’s why the keystones of our process are to minimize business interruptions, provide high quality, lasting repairs that satisfy claim requirements and surpass our client expectations.

At JRC, we are not your average roofing contractor! One way we set ourselves apart from the competition is by having our own fleet of planes and in-house team of pilots/surveyors.  Our team can quickly arrive on site and provide an honest assessment of your commercial property / facility.

Request Property Survey - free of charge! Whether your business needs immediate attention or you're planning for the future, JRC is ready to serve you. Contact JRC at 615-851-1725 or email INFO@jrcinco.com to get started today.

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