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JRC Nationwide Construction literally flying high in the roofing industry Commercial roofing company takes its business to new heights with its airplanes     

JRC pilot-surveyor, Matt Greer with his Bonanza aircraft                                                             

Nashville, TN Oct 2 - When Tony Martin drives to his office in Greenbrier, TN on Monday mornings, he may not yet know where in the country he’ll be when his workday draws to an end. This is because Tony is not only the JRC Senior Certified Commercial Roofing Surveyor but also an experienced licensed pilot. Utilizing a fleet of JRC company-owned airplanes, Tony and his team of pilot-surveyors asses roofing conditions on JRC clients’ properties all across the contiguous United States.

JRC’s unique survey program has been instrumental in the company’s expansion and service to its clients across the U.S. in recent years. “No matter where your property is located, nationwide, you’ll get the same survey whether it’s in Tennessee, Florida, California or New York,” says JRC CEO, Caleb Johnson. Adding, “Our pilot-surveyors can respond to our clients’ needs anywhere in the country within a day and usually within hours.”

While major commercial roofing companies continue growth in the U.S. with satellite offices and branch development, JRC’s approach to expansion has been both unorthodox and successful. “Using our ‘work trucks in the sky’, we’ve essentially shrunken the U.S. to support our ever-growing business while maintaining value and savings for our customer,” says JRC COO, Cody McCarter.

A family-owned company started in 1990, JRC has been able to hold to its single point of contact philosophy as its customer base grows far and wide. “The pilot-surveyor program has made it possible for my customers to contact me directly concerning their properties, no matter the location,” says JRC National Account Manager, Charlie Ezelle. “Because of our ease of mobility, we never have to direct clients to a separate regional office or put them in touch with a new representative. This allows JRC to make a relationship-based strategy work on a national level.”

JRC, licensed in 48 states, plans to continue adding planes to its fleet and pilots to its team as it carves out its own brand of service around the country.

JRC Nationwide Construction is a commercial roofing and exterior renovation contractor servicing construction, hospitality, retail, senior-living, multifamily, and many other industries.

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