Protect your customers and investments

Retail Establishments can come in all different shapes, sizes and style. Whether your retail space is low slope system such as TPO, EPDM or a Coating System or a steep slope system such as a shingle, or metal roof system, JRC’s got you covered.¬†From shopping malls to stand alone stores, JRC has the industry experience, and knowledge to provide the best roofing solutions for your establishment.

The Best Protection

Combined with JRC Complete Care, and the best manufacturer’s warranties on the market, we are able to ensure that your investments and your customers have nothing to worry about. Keep the weather out and your customers in! Treat your roof like a second foundation and you will not regret it!

Lower your energy Bill

One of the chief advantages of a newer roof for your store or property is the lower energy cost that comes with more efficient roofing materials. Especially if your current roofing is more than 15 years old. Modern materials can have a much welcomed impact on your energy bill by acting a top notch insulator.

Improved Return on Investment

It is no secret that a new roof is costly. Whether it is damaged or it is just at the end of its time JRC offers a improved return on your investment. For example if your roof looks damaged or in a state of disrepair, it can color perceptions of potential customers. Prevent bad perceptions and invest in a new roof!

Choose high value

Choose JRC

First Impressions Matter

Your property’s roof system is one of the first impressions of current and potential residents, and an essential factor in the credibility and reputation of your community. Whether it is the traditional aesthetic design of a shingle roof, or amenities such as green roofs and common spaces flat roofs can provide, your roof system is an integral part of the experience.

No matter the style of your roof, you can rely on JRC to provide customized roofing solutions to fit your business needs.

Be A Trendsetter

We recognize not all properties are constructed are the same. From industrial aesthetics to luxury amenities, JRC has the industry experience to take your property to the next level.

Let JRC establish a customized plan that fits your property’s budget! By investing in the roof system, your community will increase building safety, storm resistance, energy efficiency, and sustainability. At JRC, we want your community to be successful; let us help get you there!

Be Proactive Not Reactive

For property management or asset managers, reactive maintenance can be expensive and timely as maintenance is only performed when something breaks. This reactive approach negatively affects the reputation and overall impacts potential residents’ first impression. With JRC, let’s restructure your current maintenance strategies with a proactive one!

By scheduling a property survey and addressing potential issues early on, JRC can tackle your property’s needs with minimal interruptions, while maximizing the lifespan of your facility.

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