JRC was awarded the TPO Roof Replacement contract for Hampton Inn in Panama City, Florida. After sustaining damage from Category 4, Hurricane Michael, the Hampton Inn sustained significant damage from the 155 mph peak winds as the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane devastated the Florida Panhandle.

To start the project, JRC began by removing the old roof membrane down to the existing concrete decking and along the walls. Once prepped, JRC laid the new insulation over the existing lightweight concrete decking using Fast 100 adhesive. By using Fast 100, the adhesive will provide superior staying power for winds up to 120 mph, add to rooftop R-values, resulting in a more resulting in a more energy-efficient and dependable roofing system. Once the insulation is applied, JRC fully adhered 200+ sqs of Carlisle 0.60 White TPO. Carlisle’s reinforced TPO membrane is highly reflective and is the industry’s premier heat-weldable thermoplastic roofing material. Along the roof access points, walk pads were installed to reduce the normal wear and tear of foot traffic on the new roof system.

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