JRC was awarded the TPO roofing project for Kirkwood at Melrose Apartments in Nashville, TN by Parkes Construction. The Melrose is the urban redevelopment of the historic Melrose Theater and bowling alley in the Nashville, Tennessee satellite city of Berry Hill. This mixed-use development includes more than 26,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space and 220 luxury apartments. Amenities of the apartments include an interior fitness and entertainment center facing a beautiful outdoor saltwater pool, deck, and kitchen.

For this project, JRC started with fully adhering the insulation over the sloped decking using Carlisle Fast 100. By using using Fast 100 spray foam adhesive, the roof system will have superior staying power for winds up to 120 mph; each layer adding to rooftop R-values, resulting in a more energy-efficient and dependable roofing system. After installing the insulation, JRC fully adhered 340 SQS of Carlisle .060 mil white TPO. Carlisle’s white TPO roofing system was chosen primarily for its superior reflective quality. The white color TPO will keep the residents cool in the summer as it reflects the sun’s hot ray.

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