JRC was awarded the TPO and Green/Vegetative roof contract for a new construction project, The Mallory Building by General Contractor, Southland Constructors. For this project, JRC focused on installation of a multiple types of roofing systems including: Carlisle Sure Weld 60 mil. TPO Roof System, PAC-Clad Standing Seam roof system and a modern green/vegetative LiveRoof Standard roof.

Starting with the main roof area, JRC Production Team installed the necessary underlayment and insulation on top of the steel metal decking. Once all insulation was mechanically fastened to the steel decking, JRC fully adhered 210 SQS of Carlisle .060 White TPO roof membrane with all accessories on the main roof area. By choosing a white TPO color, the property will experience greatly improved energy efficiency and high resistance to debris build-up due to TPO’s flexible membrane allows it to withstand punctures, tears, and impact damage.

Before beginning applying the green vegetative roof system, JRC first fully adhered Carlisle .060 TPO roof membrane along the 3,000 square foot deck terrace. Once the TPO was applied, JRC installed 1,750 sqs of LiveRoof Standard Pre-vegetated module system consisting of succulent green roof plants. The natural green space will create a more productive, healthy, creative, relaxed environment as well as additional fire prevention, reduced noise and reduced urban heat island effect. To protect the roof membranes from being damaged by heavy foot traffic, an Hanover Prest Paver system was installed over top of the TPO roof on the 3rd floor terrace deck. Additionally, walk pads were installed on the main rooftop around the HVAC and other service equipment.

Along the property exterior, JRC installed Pac-clad 8″ high horizontal element smooth/flush wall panel in slate blue and cityspace. In order to prevent against damage along high foot traffic area such as service equipment, walk-pads were installed along high traffic areas. A Babcock-Davis 36”x36” Galvanized Roof Hatch including a Safety Rail with Chain was installed to provide additional roof access and safety.

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