JRC was awarded the shingle roof replacement contract for a senior living community, Rose Valley Scappoose in Scappoose, Oregon. This exceptional personal care community is located in the Columbia County region of northwest Oregon and provides a country home small town atmosphere with hotel-style hospitality and group activities. The 171,626 sf community residence is two stories and features a community library, courtyard and garden, and a greenhouse that residents with a love of outdoors will enjoy.

For this project, JRC Production Team focused on providing a full shingle roof replacement for the Rose Valley Scappoose Community. Starting by removing the existing shingle roof system, JRC installed brand new synthetic underlayment to further insulate and protect again the elements. Once the underlayment was installed, JRC installed 360+ sqs of IKO Cambridge 30 year dimensional shingles.

By installing IKO Cambridge Series, the property’s roof system will experience increased blow-off protection with built-in algae resistance. IKO Cambridge Series offer a more heavy-duty shingle with increased durability and structural integrity. Additionally, IKO Cambridge include IKO Fastlock™ where the sealant is activated by the sun’s heat, making the strips get extra-tacky and creating a strong bond to ensure maximum protection against wind uplift, blow-off and water penetration.

Commercial properties like Rose Valley Scappoose often have a mixed slope roof system so that the HVAC Service Equipment are installed on a flat / low slope roof system. By installing the service equipment on a flat roof system, the equipment is more easily accessible for regular maintenance. For this project, JRC replaced 10 sqs of the existing EPDM Membrane with Carlisle .60 mil Black EPDM. As the property is located in northern region with more cool days than warm, a black colored EPDM Membrane will allow the equipment to absorb the sun’s rays and lessen the normal wear and tear.

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