Sitting just shy of the banks of the Ohio River this brand new luxury apartment complex was built in Jeffersonville, Indiana. We were given the privilege to work on this site by the GC, Doster Construction. JRC has a long and healthy relationship with Doster and we look forward to working with them on a regular basis. The Walcott will include a 215-unit apartment development with precast parking deck, resort-style pool,a state-of-the-art fitness center, an internet café, and an indoor-outdoor rooftop terrace overlooking the park

For this project, JRC focused on getting right the first time by installing a layer of 60 MIL TPO from Carlisle Syntec Systems. We installed over 75 thousand square feet all over the building. It was imperative that roof access remained quick and easy for maintenance staff and contractors to assess potential problems, so we installed 2 Babcock-Davis roof hatches with safety ladder and railing. 


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