JRC received the exterior renovations contract for a Whealdon Estates, a senior living community in Baton Rouge, LA. Whealdon Estates is nestled in the heart of Baton Rouge, residents will enjoy all the warmth, culture and southern hospitality of the beautiful estate. The community offers private suite apartments in various sizes and configurations allowing residents the freedom to personalize and furnish in any style with private balconies.

For this project, JRC’s scope of work focused on exterior and interior renovations (window replacement, masonry, exterior painting, door replacement, and misc. interior renovations). JRC began by removing the existing debris before beginning construction on the wooden framing, insulation between wood framing, and drywalling. Along the exterior, JRC prepped and installed a stucco finish and masonry brick before applying a fresh coat of paint to match existing. Once the new framework and exterior finishes were completed, JRC installed brand new door and windows to match the existing trim and style. Additionally, the existing exterior lighting was removed and replaced with new.

JRC also completed miscellaneous interior renovations such as new carpeting, and fresh coat of paint was applied to the newly installed drywall and ceilings.

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