Roofing: EPDM

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JRC has an accomplished team of estimators, superintendents, and installers to handle your commercial roofing projects. We have experience installing many types of systems, as well as fabricating and installing custom and pre-manufactured sheet metal. Hiring a certified installer like us means you receive the quality expected with warranties to back the claim.


Mechanically Attached - Adhered - Ballasted

SIMPLE AND COST-EFFECTIVE: Ballasted systems are cost-effective because of the minimal amount of components and quick, simple installation process. There is significantly less material, labor and energy used to install a ballasted system than other commercial roof systems. No fasteners or bonding  adhesives are used in a ballasted system’s field.

SUSTAINABILITY: EPDM membranes also have high resistance to thermal shock, weathering, abrasion and ozone and flexibility in low temperatures.

DURABILITY: EPDM roof membranes are protected from the elements by ballast material. EPDM roof assemblies are designed to offer outstanding  protection against UV exposure, hail damage and extreme temperature fluctuations. They offer reliable wind-uplift resistance, which can be enhanced by simply using larger and heavier ballast around perimeters. In addition to protecting a roof from weather, ballast acts as a shield against flying debris and falling objects.


Mechanically Attached - Adhered - Ballasted

Mechanically Attached Roofing System:

In order to secure the single-ply membrane to the roof assembly, the membrane is attached with mechanical fasteners through both the insulation and decking material, typically at the seams.

Adhered Roofing System:

The single-ply membrane is attached to the topmost surface of the roofing assembly through the use of adhesives, without penetrating the membrane. This method secures the membrane across the entire roofing assembly.

Ballasted Roofing System: 

When gravel, pavers, or vegetation is used to hold roofing components in place, the result is a ballasted roof. Ballasted roofs provide a natural-looking surface that blends well with a range of architectural styles. With paver-ballasted designs, the roof can become a plaza, patio or other useable outdoor space suitable for recreation, walking, or relaxation. Both stone and concrete are virtually fireproof, so ballasted roofs provide the highest fire rating available.