Roofing: LOW SLOPE

Commercial low slope roofing is most often found on commercial and industrial buildings, such as factories and warehouses. But many apartment buildings and townhouses have low slope roofs, too. JRC has an expert team of estimators, superintendents and installers to help us lead the way in smart design and roof renovation.

Single-Ply Membrane Installation:

JRC can install your single-ply membrane roofing system: Adhered or Mechanically Attached:

Mechanically Attached Roofing System:

In order to secure the single-ply membrane to the roof assembly, the membrane is attached with mechanical fasteners through both the insulation and decking material, typically at the seams.

Adhered Roofing System:

The single-ply membrane is attached to the topmost surface of the roofing assembly through the use of adhesives, without penetrating the membrane. This method secures the membrane across the entire roofing assembly.

Ballasted Roofing System:

When gravel, pavers, or vegetation is used to hold roofing components in place, the result is a ballasted roof. Ballasted roofs provide a natural-looking surface that blends well with a range of architectural styles. With paver-ballasted designs, the roof can become a plaza, patio or other useable outdoor space suitable for recreation, walking, or relaxation. Both stone and concrete are virtually fireproof, so ballasted roofs provide the highest fire rating available.


Green / Vegetative




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