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JRC has an accomplished team of estimators, superintendents, and installers to handle your commercial roofing projects. We have experience installing many types of systems, as well as fabricating and installing custom and pre-manufactured sheet metal. Hiring a certified installer like us means you receive the quality expected with warranties to back the claim.

Types of Commercial Roofing Tile

JRC can install your steep slope roofing system:

Slate Roof Tiles - Being a natural stone, slate is more durable than any man-made material. The high density of slate makes it waterproof material, meaning that it will not absorb water and is completely non-combustible. If you are looking for a “lifetime” roofing system that will provide superior durability and add a distinctive touch of timeless beauty and curb appeal to your business, then consider investing in a natural slate roof.

Metal Roof Tiles are available that look a lot like other roofing tiles, including clay and slate tiles. The metal is given an acrylic coating that helps to protect it further, while also enhancing the look of the roof. Look for curved metal tiles that mimic traditional ceramic clay roofs, as well as textured metal tiles that can give you a range of different appearances. Metal tiles are much thicker than asphalt shingles, but are much lighter in weight than slate or concrete tiles, which makes them a good alternative for businesses that like the look of stone, but don’t want to reinforce their roof decks.

Clay Tiles have long been a popular option for roofs around the country. Clay tiles are fireproof and fairly durable, requiring fewer repairs or replacements than asphalt roofs. Traditionally, clay roofs came in one color – terracotta – and were used on Spanish and Southwestern style homes almost exclusively. Newer ceramic tile roofs, however, come in a wide range of different colors, shapes, and sizes now so they complement a greater range of homes. Look for blue, green, and yellow ceramic roofs both in traditional shapes and in newer, flatter tiles that more closely resemble slate or asphalt roofs.

Concrete Tiles - For those that like the appearance of ceramic tiles, as well as their fire resistance, but who want something a little hardier and less prone to breakage when having work done on the roof, there are concrete tiles. Concrete is a mixture of sand, Portland cement, and water, and creates a very durable roofing tile. Concrete tiles most commonly resemble traditional ceramic tiles, but can be found in a variety of other styles as well, including those that look like slate. The drawback to concrete tiles is their weight; some roofs may need to be reinforced to carry the load. However, they aren’t any heavier than real slate tiles, but are much less expensive and easier to install. This makes them a viable alternative to slate for homeowners who don’t mind the weight.


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