Denham and Blythe Office Building

Roofing: TPO

Multiple Colors Available...

Single ply Roofing has become an increasingly popular flat roof covering over the last few years. Basically, a single ply membrane roof is comprised of flexible sheets of synthetic polymer that can be divided into two main groups, thermoplastics and synthetic rubber. Due to the fact that thermoplastics can be re-heated and re-molded, they have become the number one option for many industrial roofing.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply reflective roofing membrane made from polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber polymerized together. It is typically installed in a fully adhered or mechanically attached system, allowing the white membrane to remain exposed throughout the life of the roof.


Mechanically Attached - Adhered - Ballasted

Mechanically Attached Roofing System:

In order to secure the single-ply membrane to the roof assembly, the membrane is attached with mechanical fasteners through both the insulation and decking material, typically at the seams.


Adhered Roofing System:

The single-ply membrane is attached to the topmost surface of the roofing assembly through the use of adhesives, without penetrating the membrane. This method secures the membrane across the entire roofing assembly.


Standard TPO Colors

Special Colors