Take in a Breath of Fresh Air

Green roofs are living roofs. There are a number of different types of green roofs. They vary based on the depth of soil, the type of plants, its weight, the way it is used and the number of improvements on the roof.


Green and living roofing systems can save you significant energy related costs especially in the summer months when air conditioning is in full swing. It does so by reflecting a large amount of heat and sunlight

Aesthetically Pleasing

Green roofing allows you to turn your roof into useable patio and garden space. Creating naturally pleasing views that has the potential to increase employee productivity!


Green roofing provides a protective barrier to protect the building underneath. The plants on the roof absorbs rainwater via the substrate and drainage layer. This helps reduce the risk of flooding  


JRC installs living roofing systems for customers looking to spruce up the place! It all starts like all other low slope roofing systems, with the roofing deck. 

Then JRC installs insulation to provide a barrier between the roofing membrane and the deck. In some cases a roof board is laid on top of the insulation for added protection. 

Depending on your location a TPO or EPDM membrane will be laid. This flat roof will typically be fully adhered with a bonding adhesive. On top of that adhesive a low profile draining system will be installed this will catch any rain water the green roof does not absorb, and flow it to the main drain.

Above the drain system, a soil container will be filled with the vegetation and roughly 5 inches of soil. Then your new Green Roof will be installed!