JRC's Most Elegant Steep Slope Roofing Solution

Tile roofing has been around for nearly 5000 years! It is a very versatile design that has an elegant look. In modern times we have the ability to recreate that classical look in multiple materials: slate, metal, concrete, and clay. 


From the highest Florentine cathedrals, to Texan Historical sites, tile roofing evokes that classical feel of quality, and luxury. This is further enhanced by its great insulating capabilities. 

Long Lasting

Being made of such durable, natural materials like: slate, clay, concrete, and metals adds to your roofs lifespan. Tile roofing is a great long term investment.


Tile Roofing is some of the strongest roofing material you can buy. They resist damage caused by extreme weather such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Not to mention that this type of roofing is fireproof. 

Choose Your Material


Clay tiles have long been a popular option for roofs around the country. Clay tiles are fireproof and fairly durable, requiring fewer repairs or replacements than asphalt roofs. Traditionally, clay roofs came in one color – terracotta – and were used on Spanish and Southwestern style homes almost exclusively. However, newer ceramic tile roofs come in a wide range of different colors, shapes, and sizes now so they complement most any style. Look for blue, green, and yellow ceramic roofs both in traditional shapes and in newer, flatter tiles that more closely resemble slate or asphalt roofs.


Metal roof tiles are available that look similar to other roofing tiles, including clay and slate tiles. The metal is given an acrylic coating that helps to further protect, while also enhancing the look of the roof. Look for curved metal tiles that mimic traditional ceramic clay roofs, as well as textured metal tiles that can give you a range of unique aesthetics. Metal tiles are much thicker than asphalt shingles, but weigh less than slate or concrete tiles, which makes them a good alternative for businesses that like the look of stone, without the costly add-ons of having to reinforce the roof deck.


For those that like the appearance and attributes of ceramic tiles, but who want something hardier or less prone to breakage, there is concrete tile. Concrete is a mixture of sand, portland cement, and water, that creates a very durable material. Concrete tiles most commonly resemble traditional ceramic tiles, but can be found in a variety of other styles as well, including those that look like slate.


Being a natural stone, slate is more durable than any man-made material. The high density of slate makes it waterproof, meaning that it will not absorb water and is completely non-combustible. If you are looking for a “lifetime” roofing system that will provide superior durability and add a distinctive touch of timeless beauty to your business, then consider investing in a natural slate roof.

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