JRC Prioritizes Safety

At JRC, we believe the personal safety, health, and well-being of our employees and subcontractors. Preventing work-related illnesses and injuries takes precedence over productivity, schedule, and cost. We are committed to providing necessary time, training, materials, and resources to ensure your safety and protect your job. 

Risk Management

Safety training and risk management are among the most critical issues in the construction industry. All JRC Project Supervisors and National Account Managers complete their required OSHA Training through an online school program.



All JRC employees complete pre-employment screening, background and credit checks, DMV check, and are provided with a copy of the JRC employee handbook.


Zero Tolerance

The illegal use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol are problems that can invade the workplace and can affect the health and safety of the abuser and those who work around them. JRC is committed to creating and maintaining a substance-free workplace without jeopardizing valued employees’ job security.

Safety Program

The JRC’s Accident Prevention and Safety Program is a function of the Human Resources / Safety Department and is administered through the full-time efforts of JRC’s Safety / Human Resources Manager. The JRC Accident Prevention and Safety Program Manual, containing all written safety policies and procedures, is continually updated. A copy is available upon request. The topics include:¬†


New Hire Training Includes:

Project Supervisor Training:

JRC Project Supervisors must complete the OSHA 30-hour course, which is a comprehensive safety program for the construction industry. The course is specifically designed for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors, providing in-depth information on OSHA compliance issues.

Subcontractor Training:

All JRC subcontractors are required to review “The JRC’s Accident Prevention and Safety Program Manuel” with all employees they assign to a project. Additionally, we require an acknowledgement form confirming their understanding and compliance before they perform any services.


Pre-Job Inspections:

JRC has an accomplished team of interior and exterior surveyors. The surveyors are JRC’s first “eyes” on any future project we might undertake. They complete a pre-job survey that includes a written fall protection plan, the required safety equipment and the proper procedures necessary to complete the proposed project.

Spot-Check Inspections:

JRC’s Division Managers regularly visit job sites to ensure that safety precautions are being implemented.

Daily Inspections:

Onsite Supervisors review hazardous conditions to ensure that employees are protected from the hazards and are following safe work practices.


JRC’s Division Managers conduct unannounced, OSHA-type safety inspections to ensure that the foremen and employees are utilizing safe work practices. Should safety violations exist, appropriate disciplinary action is implemented.

Accident Investigation

In the event of an accident, facts are gathered, reviewed, and reported by the production supervisor. The employee fills out an “Employee Report of Injury Form” that is submitted to JRC’s Safety Manager for further review. Then, the Safety Manager completes an “Incident Investigation Report Form”.¬†Hazardous conditions, if any, are corrected and/or eliminated. A copy of the JRC’s Accident Prevention and Safety Program Manual is maintained on each job site and provided upon the request of the customer.

Insurance Coverages

JRC, Inc. maintains Worker’s Compensation, General Liability, and Automobile insurance coverage for its operations throughout the USA. A sample copy of a Certificate of Insurance is provided with proposals, or upon the request of a customer.

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