JRC prides itself on a skilled team of surveyors / pilots who play vital roles. Our surveyors act as the initial evaluators for future projects, offering candid feedback on clients’ facilities while excelling in problem-solving and issue identification. Additionally, JRC stands out by employing its own pilots, enabling swift nationwide property surveys, efficient repairs, and rapid staff transportation. In times of crisis, rest assured that JRC is capable of prompt response and assistance.

JRC recognizes the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technology that helps our surveyor team continuously improve.

By utilizing the application , Pitch Gauge, our surveyors have an bonus tool in their toolbox to efficiently assess your property roof system. In the event our surveyors cannot get on top of the roof to assess the system up close, this roofing software app helps our surveyors calculate the total size and slope of any roof.


JRC has a great team of estimators with a wide variety of construction knowledge and skills. Our estimators have the ability to get bids to you correctly and on time.

Our estimators quickly and easily search for properties by address and view each property from multiple directions. Then, they view, analyze, inspect, and measure properties utilizing a variety of tools for commercial buildings also include penetration measurements as well.

The diagrams in the report are also available as DXF files for commercial contractor workflows using CAD systems.

At JRC, we can create accurate estimates for restoration jobs of every kind! Our tools are the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive solutions for property claims estimation.

Hail Damage

JRC utilizes top of the line hail tracking software to the benefit of our clients. We are able to actively monitor all of the properties and inform customers of possible hail damage.

We use the latest in radar technology allowing us to accurately depict the hail size in any storm. This includes small, large, and high volume hail storms.

All of this work is provided to our customers for FREE. 


JRC is proud to own our own fleet of planes. Since we are a nationwide company, it is important for us to be able to get to all of our job sites quickly. The JRC Fleet allows us to be able to go to different parts of the country at the same time. No matter where your community is we would like the opportunity to serve you.

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