Surveyors / Pilots

JRC has an accomplished team of surveyors / pilots. The surveyors are JRC’s first “eyes” on any future project we might undertake. They gather and provide honest feedback of our client’s facilities. They are great at problem solving and locating any possible issues. Another way that JRC separates itself from the competition is by having our own pilots on staff. Our pilots are able to get us quickly across the country to survey properties, complete small repairs and transport our staff quickly. If disaster ever happens, you will be happy to know that JRC can get to you quickly.

JRC recognizes the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technology that helps our surveyor team continuously improve.

By utilizing the phone app, Pitch Gauge, our surveyors have an bonus tool in their toolbox to efficiently assess your property roof system. In the event our surveyors cannot get on top of the roof to assess the system up close, we have the phone app Pitch Gauge©. This roofing software app helps our surveyors calculate the total size and slope of any roof.